The Naval Academy gives us access to your sons/daughters during Plebe Summer 2024. Almost every day we photograph with our four photographers,

the Plebe Summer "evolutions," as they are called. Which companies/platoons we photograph each day is based entirely on the Plebe Summer Schedule.

During each and every evolution we take hundreds of photographs. By the end of the Plebe Summer, about 250,000. We photograph every

Plebe as many times as we can during every evolution. Our goal is to provide a record of Plebe Summer for you and your son/daughter,

as well to provide you, "Proof of Life."

We focus on Plebes, both individually and in small groups, "in action" or just listening to instruction---even standing around waiting.

General photographs are also taken. The photographs are for your personal use and can be posted on social media or in a custom,

personal Coffee Table Book we design for you.

By the end of he summer we normally photograph each company/platoon 10-12 times.

With purchase of Photo Access, you have unlimited downloads of every photograph that includes your Plebe.

Link to Photo Galleries

Link to Purchase Photo Access/Coffee Table Book


Plebe Summer 2024


Please note that 20% of our sales supports your midshipman during the next for years.

This is done through NABSD, the Naval Academy Business Services Division.

They pay for much that makes your midshipman's life "easier." -------------------------------------nks


Photo Access: $300.00

$60.00 supports the midshipmen

Purchase of Photo Access Includes "Spot My Photo", a facial recognition service and a Manual Search service of all photo galleries.

1) "Spot My Photo" Facial Recogntion:

This program sends you photographs of your son/daughter as they are posted --- as a text, or email. You will need to uploade your son/Daughter's

senior high school photo for Spot My Photo to work.

Because Spot My Photo is not perfect, you still need to complete a manual search to find all the photographs.


Click on this link to sign up for "Spot My Photo"


Cick on this link to scan a QR code

Once you sign up for Spot My Photo", we will send you a link to sign up for Manual Search.

See MENU Q&A for more informaition.

2) Manual Search Service

You will also have access to about 250,000 photographs.

We will send you an email with link to access the galleries, along with your Private Personal Password and Private Personal Download PIN #.

You manually search the galleries for your Plebe.

When you find a photograph, you immediately save it as a Favorite. Your personal custom Coffee Table Book is made from these Favorites.

You can also use your own personal photographs in the Coffee Table Book.

Ater you have saved the photograph as a Favorite, you download it to your computer.


Click on this link to sign to sign up for Manual Search Service.

Once you sign up for Manual Search we will send you a link to sign up for "Spot My Photo"

See MENU Q&A for more informaition.

3) Waldo News (Included with your purchase of access.

This is a newsletter emailed to you daily. It includes what the Plebes did during the day.

4) Crossword Puzzles (new this year).

These puzzles are entertaining and informative, providong an in-depth understanding of Plebe Summmer2024.

Coffee Table Books

Studio Created $330.00

$66.00 supports the midshipmen

The Coffee Table Book we create are personal custom quality books,. Each book focuses only on your Plebe.

You actually select the photographs and we do the rest. The photographs can be selected from your Plebe Summer Favorites.

You can also add your own personal photographs and the ones you or the Alumni Association has taken.

There is an additional charge for adding your personal photographs.

Click on this link to sign to sign up for Coffee Table Book

See MENU Q&A for more informaition.

Plebe Portraits $179.95

$36.00 supports the midshipmen

These portraits are taken in the Yard late September through Nov.

Sunday morning always with a thirty minute session.

See MENU Q&A for more informaition.

Click on this link to sign to sign up for Coffee Table Book (nlot available until Sept 1)

Link to Photo Access

See MENU Q&A for more informaition.


Four Years by the Bay 2020-2024 (Class of 2024) $49.95

Link to all Photographs

Link to Purchase Access

Plebe Year 2023-24 (Class of 2027) $39.95

Link to all Photographs

Link to Purchase Access

Plebe Summer 2023 (Class of 2027) $299.95

Link to Purchase Access

Link to all Photographs


Larry Thornton / Thornton Studios

Please contact me if you have a question, need help or start to get frustrated.

PHONE 443-699-3000 / Office Hours 4:30-6:30 Monday thru Sunday

(We are not able to respond to texts or voicemails.) (Response Time 1-2 days)

Thornton Studios is independent of the Naval Academy but is an Approved Vendor through the

Naval Academy Business Service Division. Twenty (20) percent of our sales supports the midshipmen every year.