We can guarantee that we will photograph as many Plebes as we can at each evolution

that we photograph. We do not photograph Plebes on the sidelines, or that are injured.

This is at the request by Naval Academy and respect for your Plebe's privacy.

We can guarantee that we will take at least 4,000 photographs of your son/daughter's platoon.

These 4,000 do not include these events with multiple platoons.

We can guarantee that we will photograph each platoon roughly 8-10 times.


Prorated refunds are available if your son/daughter "separates" from the Academy.


With your purchase of Photo Access, your are given permission to download

unlimited files/photographs of your son/daughter. These files/photographs can be

used for personal use only. Your son/daughter must be in the photograph.

We reserve the right to cancel your acces at any time if there is a violation.


Larry Thornton / Thornton Studios

Please contact me if you have a question, need help or start to get frustrated.

PHONE 443-699-3000 / Office Hours 4:30-6:30 Monday thru Sunday

(We are not able to respond to texts or voicemails.) (Response Time 1-2 days)