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We are busy almot every single day, most of theday, photographing your sons/daughters ----or posting the photographs. That is what we do. Please keep this in mind when you need a question answered or concern addressed. Sorry but we are not able to answer any photographs about individual Plebes as it is forbidden by Naval Academy.

Listed below are sources of answers to your questions/concerns.

A) Chat Room: Click on this link. It is our Facebook Group Page for 2028.

Then join the Chat Room where almost all question/concerns can be quickly answered by an actual Midshipman parent who has worked with me for us severl years.

B) WEBSITE MENU: Please check the Q&A in this MENU on my website prior to emailing me. Most questions/concerns are answered there.


D) Phone Me

Phone Hours: 4:30 to 6:30 PM Monday thru Sunday / 443-699-3000

We are not able to respond to texts or voicemails.

Larry Thornton

. . . 44 years

. . . Approved Vendor NABSD for Plebe Summer 2024 (Naval Academy Business Services Division)

. . . Endorsed by Parents

. . . Father Class of 1939