My daughter Arya will love these photos you are taking very much. very much. I cannot wait to share them with her. This is a a great thing you are doing for these young people that choose military service for our country as a career.

S. Singh


"I have found the pictures to be quite impressive and a newt a look inside what goes on at USNA. I actually never imagined getting to see what my son would be going through daily.

Jay Ginther '2026


Thank you for all your hard work and great photographs. It means so much to be be able too our daughter as she goes through the Academy and Plebe Summer. A picture truly is worth a thousands words and it is making our family and I am sure many other families happy.

Keep up the good work.

Gordon White



You and your crew are doing a great job! Larry, keep it up! And no need to reply?

Joe Cunningham


Thank you for everything you are doing for us. We truly appreciate the enormous task you have. We have really enjoyed the photos. It's so wonderful to see all of the things they've been doing, even if it is not our company. Thank you for the windows into their world.

Brenda Anderson


Hey Larry, we enjoyed meeting you two weeks ago and will be back this weekend for Parents' Weekend. Thank you for the great photos this summer. we have been pleased with your quality and quantity.

B Eaton


I am finally sitting with a laptop to view photos form G14. Just wanted tp say thank you for your team's hard work capturing out (still) babies. These photos have made this transition bearable.

Erica Vieira


I can nor thank you enough. We had so many incredible pictures of Jack this summer. Please know our family appreciated everyone. Well worth the money.!!

Nicole Welburn


THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! You got amazing pics of my girl.

Mary Carlisle


I really appreciate it and YOU!

Jennifer Dias 


Thank you again for this wonderful service. We really appreciated getting to see his face during plebe summer. It meant a lot to us. 


Ricky Saltzman


Coffee Table Book

We have thoroughly enjoyed our coffee table book. It was a great Christmas present!!

Robert S. Eaton


Larry -

You may kill me! My husband just received/purchased these photos of Tate.

If at all possible - can they be added to ps file and I’ll put in best favs as a final total of 68 photos. Done, the end!

You are a wonderfully patient person. 


I think I have finished downloading all of our "Favorited" pictures from both the PS facial recognition pages (4 sets) and the one from your main website, Thornton Studios. Just wanted to confirm that there were only 5 locations (4 sets of FR and 1 on the main site) that we could save photos as "Favorites". Do not want to miss anything.  



I love these newsletters. They are gift to us. Thank you so much!!!



Waldo News is an absolute treat and being in Wisconsin I love hearing and feeling some connection to what is happening on theYard.

Nicholas Simon

Midshipmen Portraits

I just got an appt for his choker white pics in April. So happy that he’s more than comfortable with you taking the photos! 

Thank you,

Janine Williams