Coffee Table Book

It is important that you read these Q&A carefully so there is no miscommunication.

We have basically one style of book we make.


Q: What are the steps in the creation of my Custom Coffee Table Book?


The most important thing is for you to follow my directions, step by step.

Each time a step is done, let me know via email.

If I do not respond withtin three business days, send me another email.

We do not send reminder emails in regard to the creation of your Coffee Table Book.

You are very busy, as we all are.

Step1: Save photographs of your Plebe as Favorites. If you have personal photographs you wish to consider for your book, collect them.

Step 2: At end of Plebe Summer, email me telling me you have all your Personal Photographs saved. If you are not going to have any personal phtographs, email me with that information.

Step 3: When you have saved all the photographs of your son/daughter as Favorites, email me let meknow with email.

Step 4: Select the BEST photographs from your FAVORITES. I will send you directions on how to do this.

Step 5: Make the final decision on the photographs to be included in your book.

Step 7: Review book design and approve.


Q; How many photographs are in the book?

A: Fifty (50) are included with the purchase of the book. You can add more photographs for an additonal cost of $30.00/set of 5.

Q: What size is the book?

A: 11 x 8 . Horizontal.

Q: What order are the photographs placed in the book?

A: Photographs are grouped by "evolution", or event. Included with each evolution is a brief description of the event. The evolutions themselves are also

organized by chronology and theme.

Q: What is the cover photo?

A: Hard cover with the 2028 photograph of the class taken in T Court during the summer. On the back is the photograph we take from the top

Bancroft Hall during the Oath of Office, with hands raised taking the oath.

Q: What is the cost?

A: $330.,00. There is an additional charge of $120.00 if you wish to add your own personal photographs. The $120.l00 pays for us managing

your personal photographs and an additional twenty (20) photographs in the book. Fifty (50) photographs are included with your purchase

of the book. If you add your personal photographs, the number would be seventy.

Q: How many pages are in the book?

A: 25-30. The exact number depends on the photographs you select and if you add your own personal photographs.

Q; How many photographs do you need for the Plebe Summer Coffee Table Book?

A: Fifty (50) is basic. Usually parents add more. That all depends on you.

Q; How many photographs on a page?

A: One to four. Sometimes we actually place photographs in the book as panoramas. A panorama covers two pages.

Q: Are the phtographs edited?

A: Yes, They are edited for color, density, sharpness. They are also cropped for dramatic effect in the book.

Q: Can I add my own personal photographs?

A: Yes, you can. You would collect them all together and then upload them to me as email attachments. 4-5 photographs can be emailed as an attachment at one time. We do not use DROPBOX or any similar service.

Q: What is the process for creating the book?

A: See above

Q: Who selects the photographs?

A: You do.

Q; What is the deadline for creating the book?

A: April 30, 2025. After that there is a $75.00 late charge. From May 1 through August 15, we will not be available for support as we are involved in Graduation 2025 and Plebe Summer 2025.