What You Need To Do


Set up an email folder where you can save all my emails.

Read all of them carefully.

Be sure we are not SPAMMED.

Follow these important TIPS

When you receive your Private Personal Password and

Download #, save it where you will never forget.

Use a computer or laptop to save your photographs--not an ipad or mobile device.

When you find your Waldo, download him/er and then

save him/her as a FAVORITE on our website.

DO NOT Forget This.


Read about our Waldo Photo Program ($299.95)

through July 20 with $30.00 Coupon

Go to MENU and click on "How It Works"



Sign up for the services/products you wish


A) Photo Access (required if you wish the Coffee Table Book)

B) Coffee Table Book, with fifty (50) photographs. It can be paid for up front

($289.95) or in three installments of $96.65.

You have the option to add twenty (20) of your own

personal photographs to the book for an addiontal $120.00.

You will automatically receive the Waldo News and the

Crossword Puzzles once you purchased access.

Please wait three days to receive a confirmatory email with password

to access photgraphs and pin # to download photographs.


Sign up for "Spot My Photo." “Spot My Photo" is a Facial Recognition

Program that sends notifications when your Plebe is “spotted” in a photograph.

Available for Induction Day only. Just scan the QR code, which we will send you

once you purchase access. Provide the prompted information, along with a

photograph of your son/daughter. We suggest high school photo. Photograph should

be just your son/daughter, H&S, full face. Postings will start about 0700 HRS, or 7:00 AM, June 28.

These photographs are available at $3.95 file. Not included with purchase of access.

They will also be available with your purchase of Photo Access.

Once you purchase access, we will send you the

QR code to sign up for "Spot My Photo."