"Sir Sandwiches"


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What is a "Sir Sandwich?"

It is the form in which a Plebe, during Plebe Summer (not after) musty answer every question. If the question is, "What time is it?", the Plebe needs to place a "sir" before and after the answer.

"Sir, seven o'clock, sir."

Sir SandwichesSir Sandwiches


When does a Plebe learn this?

The minute he/she walks into Alumni Hall on Induction Day? The first thing asked will be: ""From now on, the first and last word out of your mouth will be "sir." Do you understand? Invariably the answer is, "Yes, sir."

I have watched for five minutes while a Plebe is asked the same question until he/she gets it right. The correct answer is, 
Sir, yes, sir." Or "Ma'am" if it is a female Detailer.

"Sir Sandwiches" are used as punishment during Plebe Summer. If a Plebe does something wrong during the summer, he/she will be asked to answer in a Double Sir Sandwich." The proper response would be" "Sir, sir, yes, sir, sir."
Triple- and quintuple "Sir Sandwiches." The punishment sometimes reaches the level of triple "Sir Sandwiches." Only once have I every heard it becoming a quintuple "Sir Sandwich." I think that is harassment.
Back in the 1880s--yes, the 1880s-- there was a variant of the Sir Sandwich that has been banned.

The variant was a "Sir" before and after every word of the answer to the question.

Example to the question, "What are all of your siblings' names?', the answer would be:

"Sis, John, sir. Sir, Ann, sir. Sir James, sir."