Plebe Summer Schedule

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It is our goal to photograph each of the platoons roughly an "equal" number of times--roughly ten times. When we photograph an event, we do so in a way to include as many Plebes as we can. We are not able to photograph Plebes that are not at an event, or those that are on the side of the action observing. We can also not guarantee that we will photograph any specific company, event, or Plebe.

It would be great if we could photograph every Plebe every day, but this is just not possible. Here are some important things to understand:

A) Some evolutions, because they are completed by platoons, take all seven weeks for each platoon to "rotate" through the evolution. High Ropes is the best example. You may see photographs from one platoon at this event. Unfortunately your Plebe's platoon does not complete the evolution until right before Parents' Weekend.

B) We may photograph one platoon three times on one week, but then not photograph the platoon for an entire week. It is the schedule that dictates what we photograph. IN general we will photograph each platoon once a week. This is not a guarantee.

C) We keep a record of each platoon and how many times we have photographed the platoon. During the second half of Plebe Summer, we focus on those platoons that we have not photographed as many times as other platoons.


The schedule is set up as follows.

0600 to 1200 HRS 1200 HRS to 1800 HRS 1800 HRS to 2200 HRS
0600-0730 PEP 1200-1300 Formation/Meal 1800-1900 Evening Meal
0730-0800 Meal Formation and Breakfast 1300-1400 Evolution 1900-2100 Evolution
0800-0900 Clean Room 1400-1500 Evolution 2100-2200 Personal Time, Navy Blue and Gold, Lights Out
0900-1000 Evolution  1500-1600 Evolution  
1000-1100 Evolution 
1600-1800 Sports  
1100-1200 Evolution 

This looks simple but it is not. The "NOT" are the variations. These occur because not all evolutions are one hour in length and not all by company and/or platoon. Weapons is all day. Climbing Wall 1 is two hours by company while Climbing Wall 2 is 90 minutes by platoon. And so on. On a daily basis we have to make a decision as to what platoons and evolutions we photograph. Some evolutions we are not allowed to photograph while others are not worth photographing.