Finding Waldo

There are three ways to find Waldo -- from easy (and not time-consuming), to involving more time, to time-consuming. The more searching you do, the more photographs you will find.

Way 1. Not Time-Consuming

The not time consuming is way is just to use Facial Recognition.

To do so, you

First: Click on the link I provide, then

Second: Click on your Plebe's face, and

Two Faces SelectedTwo Faces Selected

 Third: Click on one of the photographs (identified below, the ones not dark) of your Plebe as identified by the Facial Recognition program. All photographs identified by the program may not be your Plebe.



Low and behold in one gallery are all the photographs of your son/daughter. Navigate through the gallery with left and right arrows.


To save a photograph of your Plebes as a favorite, click on the heart.

Be sure to save all photographs of your Plebe. They are your backup and used for your Plebe Summer 2022 Coffee Table book.


 Download the ones that are really good, not all of them. T

he limit on the number of photographs you can download from

each gallery is 40. If you need more, please contact me. 


Way 2: More Time-Consuming

Using the Facial Recognition program you will find most of the photographs of your Plebe. To find all of them, you would need to review the entire gallery. There will be others. This takes more time. IT can b e done at any time, even after the summer is over

 Way 3: Time-Consuming

If you wish to find ALL of the photograph of your son/daughter, you will need to review all the galleries where the platoons are not identified. Facial Recognition is not available with these galleries. They are photographs of running, athletic events where no platoons is identified. You do need to complete this search if you are creating a Coffee Table book. for your son/daughter's memory. 

These galleries are available on Hover over 2026 and click on Photo Access. They will automatically appear if you are logged in.



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