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Which of the following is NOT true? 

Once the Oath of Office is taken, your son/daughter is a member of what groups? 

A) The Brigade of Midshipmen?

B) The Brigade of Plebe Summer?

C) His/her academic company for the Academic Year?

D) A Plebe Summer platoon?

E) A Plebe Summer squad?

F) A Plebe Summer battalion?


This multiple-guess question is a little complicated, but important to understand.

Plebe Summer consists of about 1,200 young men and women. Prior to Induction Day, each will be mailed/emailed his/her company and platoon number for the summer. It could also be assigned to your son/daughter on  Induction Day. Here is the organization of the 1,200 Plebes:

Regiment > Battallion > Company > Platoon > Squad

All of the 1,200 Plebes during Plebe Summer are considered a Regiment. Once the other classes return from the summer, the entire Midshipmen Brigade will actually be formed. In terms of numbers, this will be about 4,500 Midshipmen. In terms of size, with only 1,200 Plebes, the incoming class is not really a Brigade.



Brigade of Midshipmen

Below is the "Brigade of Midshipmen" during the march on to a football game--all 4,500.

Brigade of Midshipmen at FBBrigade of Midshipmen at FB

Plebe Summer Regiment

Below are two photographs. First all the Plebes during their "Class Picture" in Tecumseh Court. This is the photograph we use for the front cover of your Plebe Summer Coffee Table Book.

Cover 2026Cover 2026

Plebe Summer Battalion

During the summer the 1,200 Plebes are divided into two Battalions. They are the Port and the Starboard Battalions. Below is the Port Battalion during PEP, or the Physical Education Program. PEP is one of the "evolutions" during the summer we photograph multiple times so that we photographs every Plebes at least once.

Also during Plebe Summer the two Battalions will compete against each other in several "Smokers," or athletic events. We photograph these events. They occur during the last 2 weeks of Plebe Sumer.

PEP Pan 1-15 10WPEP Pan 1-15 10W



Plebe Summer Company

Now it gets a littler tricky. Your Plebe will be "assigned" a Company. There are 15 of them, each consisting of about 80 Plebes. The Companies are lettered A thru P. No "J" company, as it looks too much like "I." Below is a "Company" during one of the Formal Dress Parades. This is another "evolution" we photograph. It is also the highlight of Parents' Weekend. If you actually count the number of Plebes in this company, you will  see it is not 80. That is because they are not all there. Some are in SQ, or Sick Quarters. Others on "Watch", which is duty in a hallway of Bancroft. Others are "wounded", with a bad ankle, etc.



Now for the "tricky" part." when the rest of the Brigade returns at the end of August, your Plebe's Company designation, or letter, will np longer be applicable. He/she then enters his/her Academic Year company, which is not a letter but a number. The numbers are 1 to 30. This "number" is actually, during Plebe Summer, hyour son/daughter's Platoon number. See below.

Plebe Summer Platoon

A Company consists of about 80 Plebes. Each Company consists of two Platoons. each platoon has in it about 40 Plebes. Below is a photograph of the Plebes at the end of the Endurance Course, or as it is know affectionately, "E" Course.

E Course 1E Course 1




Plebe Summer Squad

A Company consists of about 80 Plebes. This is the most important group. If a Platoon consists of 40 Plebes and there are four "Squads" in a Platoon, then there are 10 Plebes per squad. The number actually varies from 8-12. The members of fthis "Squad" are really the only Plebes your son/daughter will get to know during the summer. Below is one "Squad during the Squad Combat Course. This event occurs near the end of the summer, and we photograph it.

SquadSquadPhoto by JERMAINE GIBBS


Now back to the Multiple Guess question. The answer is C, D, E and F. Your son/daughter's platoon number will be his/her Academic Year company number.

It is not A as the Brigade of Midshipman will not be formed until the end of August

It is not the Brigade of Plebe Summer as no such thing exists. The entire group of Plebes is called a Battalion.

Hope you understand all this.