Plebe Summer Basics: ALPHA NUMBER

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Which of the following is NOT true of an Alpha Number?

A) It is the first thing a Plebe has to memorize.

B) It is meaningless after graduating from the Naval Academy.

C) Never has the same Alpha Number been used more than once.

D) All the numbers mean something.

E) It is not a number.

F) One of the "numbers" is the same for every midshipman, regardless of when he/she graduated.

One of the first things your Plebe will be issued is his/her Alpha Number. It may be sent to you prior to Induction Day or you may received it on Induction Day. Below is Plebe receiving their name tag as well as their Alpha Number.



Here is a sample Alpha Number: M274927

M "M" stands for Midshipman.
27 "27" stands for the year he/she will graduate.
4927 "4927" is an random number. It has to be four digits because there are over 1,000 Plebes in the class. Three digits would cover only 999 Plebes.


By the end of Induction Day your Plebe will know this number. He/she will have to write it and recite it, all day long while processing in Alumni Hall.

1) Every form needs it, from medical to Alumni Association to Credit Union--and so on.

2) It is written on their two sea bags. After two days, he/she has to write it on every piece of clothing. You have to wait two days because you are "supposed" to make sure every piece of issued clothing fits. If it does not, whatever does not fit needs to be returned within two days. If it fits, you write your name on it. By the way, your Plebe has paid for every piece of this clothing. It comes out of the monthly pay.

Sea BagSea Bag

3) Recited at checkout.

The Alpha Number is used in several notable places. 

It is on every Plebe's canteen. I have, for privacy reasons, deleted the actual number on this canteen. Also the name, which also appears on the canteen. Canteen TNCanteen TN
It is your Plebe's email address. [email protected] is the email address for a midshipman in he class of 2027. "1234" is a random number.
It is used as part of their Fed ex and US Post Office address. BUT NOT until after Plebe Summer.

During Plebe summer the mailing address is:

MIDN John Smith

Company X, Platoon XX

Annapolis, MD 21412


If you go back to the "Multiple Guess" question at the top of this page, the correct answer is D. The number is never used after your Plebe graduates. The "Number" has a letter in it so it is not really a number. 
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