The Naval Station

The Plebes love the Naval Station, which is located across the Severn River from the Yard. They love it because the events there are exciting.

The Plebes are transported across the Severn River in grey flat utility boats that each carry a maximum of 80 Plebes, just the size for two platoons.  From there the platoons walk/hustle/run to each of four areas at the Station. One company, consisting of two platoons, go to the Weapons Range and stay there until 1430 HRS. For the other two platoons, they return from the Naval Station about 0900 HRS.



Weapons Range

We photograph this evolution for almost every platoon.

This is actually the first event where the Plebes are away from their Detailers. This is one of the reasons they like it. They get a chance, during lunch, to sit down with their platoon mates and actually talk to each other. It is held once during the summer The Weapons evolution usually starts about July 2 and ends about July 20. Below is a Plebe at lunch, smiling for parents. We always have to ask the Detailers for permission to take these photographs. Usually they say yes, but sometimes hey say yes as long as the Plebes are not smiling.

21J30 01 WPT LTT  (26)21J30 01 WPT LTT (26)

Actually shooting of Pistols at the Weapons Range. Taken with GoPro mounted down range. Copy of 21A18 29 WPP GoPro1232Copy of 21A18 29 WPP GoPro1232DCIM\100GOPRO\G0014231.JPG

USMC Obstacle Course

We photograph this evolution for almost every platoon.

This course, very similar to the Parris Island Obstacle Course, is completed as a platoon, sort of. During COVID Plebe Summers one platoon would arrive at 6:45. The next platoon timed their arrival near the end of the first's platoon run of the course. The two platoons who completed it on a specific day were from the same company. For example, Company A which consists of Platoons 1 and 2, would complete the course back to back.

During the first half of the summer, all platoons run through the course. for practice. They then run through the course for time. Below is photograph of one of the Plebe trying to overcome one of the obstacles.


21J20 03 OC LT  (272)21J20 03 OC LT (272)Photo by JERMAINE GIBBS

High Ropes

We photograph this evolution for almost every platoon.

Use to be called the Tarzan Assault Course, with the acronym TAC. The Academy decided that was not an appropriate so they name so they changed it to the High Ropes Course. Political, I guess.. It is a course completed atop forty foot telephone poles. Actually the course is the traversing from the top of one pole to another. The objective is for the Plebes to overcome their fear of heights. I remember one Plebe, when looking at the course for the first time, "You want me to do what?"  This course is completed one platoon at a time. The last platoon to complete the course will be right about Parents' Weekend. Below is photograph of a Plebe traversing from atop one telephone pole to another. This traverse is called the "double rope traverse." There are about 7 traverses.

High Ropes Sample (82)High Ropes Sample (82)


Squad Endurance Run

We photograph this evolution for almost every platoon.

This course is a 3.2 run through the woods, up and down hills overcoming obstacle on the way. The course is completed as a "squad," which is a group of 8012 Plebes---depending on the number of "wounded" on the day of the evolution. The Plebes can not have more than eight feet between them and never leave anyone behind. During  the first three weeks every platoon runs through the course. for practice. They again run through the course for time during the second half of Plebe Summer. Below a "Squad" of Plebes at end of course, with a Detailer taking their photograph. They are muddy because the course is muddy, especially after a rain the night before. Plebes love the mud.

21J13 22 EC LT _121J13 22 EC LT _1