When your son/daughter enters the Academy, he/she will know no one. In the afternoon he/she will meet the roommates. It could be one, two, but very unlikely three roommates. 

The first group he/she will form up with is /his/her "squad." A "squad" consist of 8-12 Plebes. Every Plebe, within 3-4 days, needs to memorize the name, hometown and high school of every member of the "squad." It is these Plebes that your son/daughter will get to know the best during the summer. There are several evolutions in which the "squad" acts as a unit. These are the Squad Endurance Run and Zodiac Boat race. There are only six in this squad boat race as some are "wounded."


21J21 16 SCC LT  (119)21J21 16 SCC LT (119)

Four of these "squads" make up a "platoon" of about forty Plebes. How it gets tricky a bit. The "platoon" number will become your son/daughter's "Company" number starting in the Fall.


21A6 1-30 FDP1 LT_190_121A6 1-30 FDP1 LT_190_1Photo by JERMAINE GIBBS

Two of the "platoons" during the Plebe Summer make up a "company." The Plebe Summer "companies" are labelled by letters: A-I and K-P. At the end of the summer the "Company" letters are dropped altogether and not used anymore.

If you noticed, and are curious, there is no "J" company. The reason for that, according to myth. is that it is dropped out of respect for General Custer's company was "J." Myth not true. The real reason is that "I" looks too much like a "J."

Now the Company letters A, etc. can also be confused so they are given words for identification. "A" is Alpha Company. "B" is Bravo Company. The rest are:

Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Gulf, Hotel, India, Kilo, Lima, November, Mike, Oscar and Papa.

One more thing. Your son/daughter will refer to his/her group of friends as, let's say, D-8-4. This stands for Company D, Platoon 8, and Squad 4.

All of the fifteen "Companies" during Plebe Summer for the "Regiment" --specifically the Plebe Summer "regiment." The photograph below was taken by Bob Peterson, whom over the next few years I am sure you will meet.


When the rest of the Midshipmen return in August after your Parents' Weekend, there will now be six "Battalions," each consisting of five "Companies."

Each "Company" has a number, the number of your Plebe's platoon number during during Plebe Summer. This "company," as opposed to the Plebe Summer "company" consists of midshipmen from each of the four classes.

Three "Battalions" make up a "Regiment." The Plebe Summer "Regiment" is dissolved.

Two "Regiments" make up the "Brigade.