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A true story. I have a lot of them, about parents, quite anxious that their son/daughter is leaving home. This was actually told to me by the mother.
"We left our son at the Naval Academy on Induction Day. No sooner had I gotten home, tat I realized how much I missed him. So i went on your website and found a photograph of him. I had printed in to an 8x10. Went out and bought and expensive frame, professionally done of course. I placed it on my bureau in my bedroom. When I got up ion the morning, I looked over at it, gave it a hug--and then I was okay for the rest of the day. All summer I did this. It helped me get through the summer.
MY son, after being gone July, August. September, October and almost all of November. Thanksgiving finally he was home. Soon after his arrival, I showed him the photograph I had of him all summer an dhow it brought me such comfort. He turned to me and said, "Mom, that's not me."
I responded, "Son, for seven weeks that was you. It will always be you." 
BTW, the photograph was not him. BTW, they "all look alike." I know you can not possible recognize your son/daughter. You might want to withhold a decision on that one.

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