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SAMPLE Waldo News
July 7 / Training Date 10 / Plebe Summer 2021
MULTIPLE GUESS: Usually give the question one day, with the answer the next day.

Which of the following is NOT a name for the Academy?

1) Camp Tecumseh

2) Boat School

3) Canoe U

4) Chesapeake Sailing Technology School

ANSWER: The answer is Camp Tecumseh, which is actually a nickname for Plebe Summer, not the Academy



All Companies: PEP

Company A: Sailing

Company B: Weapons Training (All Day)

Company H: Damage Control

Company L: USMC Obstacle Course

Company P: High Ropes Course

Evening: Close Order Drill, all companies

ANECDOTE: Over the years I have seen and heard many stories during and after the summer. They are quite unusual, revealing, and funny at times.

You will never believe this.

On the second day of Plebe Summer, one mother found a photograph of her plebe on my website. When she received the print, she bought an expensive frame so she could place it on her bedroom desk. Every morning she got up and gave the frame a hug. Thanksgiving came around and her son finally come home. She showed him the photograph. He responded, “Mon, That’s not me.” The mother retorted, “Yes it is, for seven weeks  it gave my comfort. It is you.”

SLANG: It will be difficult to understand your Plebe some times when he talks because he will be using a lot of slang. EXAMPLE: The MOOW gave me a chit to go DTA. This means that the Midshipman Officer Of the Watch gave a midshipman formal permission (the chit) to go to Downtown Annapolis.

Detailer: The “Detailers” are the one who train the Plebes during Plebe Summer. The are First and Class midshipmen. They will be doing administrative work. They volunteer for the duty, or are assigned it. There are is one set of Detailers the first three weeks And another set the second three weeks. The first set job is to “decivilianize” the Plebe. The second set’s job is to build up the Plebe’s confidence and morale. For the first time, there will be eight of last summer's Plebes also training the new Plebes.


BCG: Birth Control Glasses. Plebes are assigned these unattractive glasses so the opposite sex will not be attracted. to them over the summer. It works.

EVOLUTION of the DAY: Squad Combat Course

Squad Combat Course

The Squad Combat Course is perhaps the best evolutions of the summer. The evolutions are held on Hospital Point and is conducted as a company, which consists of two platoons. The first platoon will participate in one of the evolutions, while the other platoon participates in the other one. Then they switch. The two evolutions are PT and the Zodiac Boat Race.

This photograph is from the Zodiac Boat Race.  The Plebes are given a brief on what is involved in the evolution. They then briefly jump into the beautiful Severn River. When instructed their run to their respective Zodiac, and portage the boat up a hill, down a hill, and then around part of Hospital Point. They place the boat in the Severn and race a mile. What is the key to this evolution, as the Plebes find out, is teamwork. Everyone must work together. I remember one time that the Plebes were so gung-ho on winning the race that when one Plebe fell out of the boar, the other Plebes left him behind. The Detailer immediately stopped them and gave them a stern lecture. They lost the race. Each of the four Zodiacs include one squad of 8-10 Plebes. The race is a learning experience. One quickly learns who is and is not a team player.

RATE: A Rate is something that a Plebe needs to memorize during the summer.

PLEBE RATE: “How’s the Cow?”

Please are often asked this question and of course they need to know the answer. The question actually has its origin to the US Naval Academy Dairy farm, which no longer exists.  When a Plebe holds a container of milk in front of him, is asked the question. The Plebe must lift the container to ‘feel’ the contents , then puts it down and shouts:

“Sir, She walks, she talks, she’s full of chalk.  The lacteal fluid extracted from the female of the bovine species is highly prolific to the ___ degree.”

MOTHER B: Bancroft Hall is now your Plebe's home. It is called "Mother B", and has its own traditions, secrets, and pranks/stories, etc.

Joke Jail: On Fridays Plebes are required to tell a joke. If they are bad jokes, the Plebe can be put in “joke jail.” When in “joke jail” the Plebe faces forward with fork directly in front and very close to the face to simulate jail bars. They can not leave the table until released by upperclassman.

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