Coffee Table Book $249.95

This book is customized to your son/daughter. You select the 40-50 photographs and we do the rest.


Q: How big is the book? A: It is a 8.5 x 11 book designed in a horizontal format.
Q: How much work is it for me? A: Very little, basically selecting the photographs and then approving each step that I do.
Q: What is the cover made of? A It is a high gloss hard cover. It includes normally the Class photo taken during Plebe Summer.
Q: Can I have my Plebe's name on the front cover? A: Yes
Q; What is on the spine? A: Plebe Summer 2021 (or the year of Plebe Summer), the United States Naval Academy
Q: How many pages in the book? A: It depends on the photographs you select, but normally 25-30 pages.
Q; Can I design the book? A: We will do that for you.
Q: How many photographs on a page?

This will depend on the photographs, but anywhere from 1 to 4.See sample pages below.

One Photo 2 One Photo2 One Photo
Two Photos 2 Two Photos2 Two Photos
Three Photos
2 Three Photos2 Three Photos
Four Photos 2 Four Photos2 Four Photos


Q: What photo is on the front cover? 2 Front Cover2 Front Cover
Q: What photo is on the back cover? 2 Back Cover2 Back Cover
Q: Are the photographs in order? A: They are in order as much as possible, from I Day to Parents' Weekend.
Q: Is there an explanation of the event in the photograph? 2 Two Photos2 Two Photos
Q: Are the photos Edited? A: Yes they are.
Q: How do I select the photographs?

A: Once you find a photograph of your Plebe, you save it as a favorite. If you save more than 50, we will send you a gallery of all our Favorites. You will then, from this gallery, select 50 to be placed in your book.


Q: What are the steps in creating this Custom book.?

STEP 1: You select the 40-50 photographs

STEP 2: I edit the 40-50 photographs and you approve the editing

STEP 3: I design the book for you and send you a proof of the book. You will  need to approve the design.

STEP 4: The book is ordered. Delivery time from the day ordered is 2-3 weeks.

Q: What is cost of the book? A: $249.95