Blocked Access

If your access is blocked, you need to do the following.

1) Wait 24 hours. Zenfolio, my website host, has complete control over the 24 hours period. The exact time you need to wait until is given to you with the notice that you are blocked.

2) After 24 hours, open up Hover over Log In / Register.


3) Click on Create An Account
You will see the following page.
You are only concerned with the left hand side of the page, seen below.

4) Click on Forgot your password?



5) You will receive an email.


Open it up.

Write the temporary password on a piece of paper. DO NOT COPY and PASTE as sometimes this does not work. The password is case-sensitive. Be sure you are writing it down exactly. If there is a O (the number) or an 0 (the letter) and you cannot tell the difference request another password. 


6) Type the new password into the PASSWORD box.


7) Click on Log In.


You should now be logged in. If you are not,

you need to try the following.

A) Use a different browser. The current browser remembered you old password and is confused.

B) Try another computer

If you can not still get access, you will need to call me probably. I will have to go through the above steps with you.

Once you have gained access, you have one more step that must be done. Change your password. Here is how to do it.
1) Hover over Account in upper right hand corner of your screen.
2) Click on My Profile
3) Type in the new password your were emailed
4) Type in your new password. I would suggest 2025Temple. This would be the Class of 2025 and then your Plebe's middle name.
Hope this helps and solves your access issue.