About Larry Thornton


When I was 10 years old my godmother gave me a camera that n o longer exists-- a Brownie camera. I immediately marched to Washington Square Park (that's where all the hippies hung out in the 1950s) and took a photograph of a statue. I think it was a statue of George Washington. Back at my home 9th street, I processed the film, and made a print. When the image appeared on the paper in my room which I used as my darkroom, I was hooked. Never looked back.


Attended Princeton University, majoring in American black studies.


Taught English at Mercersburg Academy in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. Concurrently I worked on a Counseling degree from Shippensburg State University, which I completed about 1972

From 1966 to 1972, I dabbled a bit in photography. In 1967 a young lady asked me to photograph her wedding, which I did. Started photographing wedding seriously after that, and continued until 2001 when the first digital camera was sold.

At the same time I was teaching English at a local high school. During my tenure there I attended the University of Maryland where I earned a Masters in Education.  I retired from teaching in 2001 when the first digital camera came on the market. During those years I photographed midshipman at the Naval Academy


1978-1980 Attended the Maryland School of Art in photography.


Member of the Maryland Professional Photographer's Association, where I won awards for my photographic work. The MPPA is affiliated with the Professional Photographers Association of America. I eventually became President and Chairman of the Board of the MPPA.

1980 Started taking portraits of Midshipmen at the encouragement of my wife. Also filmed my first Plebe Summer. Interesting fact, I believe 1980 was the year the current Superintendent completed Plebe Summer.


I met my wife-to-be about 1980, the same year several parents asked me to film Plebe Summer for them. Over the years the Naval Academy supported my efforts.  For years I provided the service with the Academy's permission. Then through the Alumni Association and then through NABSD. NABSD in the Naval Academy Business Services Division. 20% of each purchase you make on my website supports the midshipmen, including your son/daughter.