The SEARCH TOOL    Updated June 3


The  SEARCH tool is very important and will save you a lot of time.

You can still "DRILL DOWN" from one folder to the next to the next if you wish.



How does the "Search Tool" work?

Photograph is assigned a unique "code." When you type in the "code"

in the search box,  you will find all photographs with that code.


What does the code mean?

"CW22" stands for Commissioning Week 2022. If you were to type in just CW22 and click SEARCH, you would be shown all the photographs from Commissioning Week 2022. That is some 20,000. This is way too many photographs to review.

If you add "C01", you would be shown all the photographs of Company 1 taken during Commissioning Week. That is workable, as it is about 400.

What does the rest of the code mean?

The rest of the code is used to further refine the search. In the example above "DIP" stands for Diploma, LT stands for the photographer, and "(001)" is a unique number for the gallery.

How do you access the code box?



Search Tool Page ASearch Tool Page A
Search Tool Page BSearch Tool Page B
Search Tool Page CSearch Tool Page C Search Tool Page dSearch Tool Page d




How do you write the code?

This is easy. Just follow these rules.  Do not deviate from them.

Rule 1) Code is case sensitive. If you type in "cw22" you will not work at all.

Rule 2) The order of the code elements does not matter "CW22 C01" will yield the same photographs as "C01 CW22".

Rule 3) Always, always leave a space between each of the code elements. "CW22C01" will yield no photographs

                                    How do I find the following groups?

To find Company 1, use "C01", to find Company 2 use "C02". etc.

            For specific groups (and Noon Meal Formation) use the following codes in lieu of the Company code.

                                                       Color Guard: CG

                                               Drum and Bugle Corps: DB

                                                 Noon Meal Formation: MF

                                        (Noon Meal Formation will include all classes and companies.)

                                                     Pipes and Drums PD

                                                    Silent Drill Team: SDT 

                                      For Graduation/Commissioning, use

                                      Class of 2023, 2024, 2025: CLASSES

                        Graduates in their seats, only even or gold side: SEATS
                                                Jumbotron: JUMBO
                                   Oath of International Students: INT

                     Oath of Marine Corps Graduate, mostly even side: MOATH

                                Oath of Navy Grad, mostly even side: NOATH

                                             President Biden: BIDEN   

                                              Processional: PRO

                                              Receiving Diplomas: DIP

                                                Stage Photos: STAGE   

                                Parents in the Stands (Odd side only) : PAR   
                                                       Top 100: TOP                        

                                                             VERY IMPORTANT NOTES
We photographed each company during the Color Parade three times. The COLOR PARADE companies are not 100% accurate. This results from the Color Company not marching in numerical order by company. If you can not find your midshipman in the company identified as your midshipman's company, you will need to look in others.
NON GRADUATION FILES: You may, when you search, find photographs that are from previous years. Disregard them.

During Graduation/Commissioning, you should find your Graduate once during the processional and three times during the receiving of the diplomas.. This is NOT GUARANTEED at all.

The PROCESSIONAL and DIPLOMA photos are "mathematically guessed." You will need to look in at least four companies before and after your midshipman's company.

FILES: The size of the file will vary significantly, depending on the amount of cropping/editing we did.
REFUND POLICY: Refunds are not available once you purchase a file.
HELP: We are not able to help you find your graduate. We will help you understand how the SEARCH TOOL works.