Refund Policy

Refunds are automatic if your your Midshipman has separated from the Academy. Please email us with your request for a refund. The refund is prorated based on the percentage of days he/she participated over the 49 Training Days. If he/she participated in 25 days of Plebe Summer activities the refund would be 24/49, or 50%.

Refunds are not available because your Plebe is sick, does not participate in evolutions, cancelled evolutions, black flags, and anything beyond our control. This would also include any refund because your "were not able to find your Plebe." See next paragraph.

Our guarantee was that we would provide over 150,000 photographs of the Plebes. This amount was exceeded about July 20. This we have done in spades. We also guaranteed that we will provide roughly the same number of photographs of each company. We have done this also. During the first three weeks the number of photographs is a bit lopsided as many companies do not complete major activities until the second three weeks. This evens out in the second three weeks. We will easily meet this goal.

We are not able to guarantee that we will photograph any specific company, any specific evolution, or any specific Plebe. Academy does not allow us to focus on individual Plebes. And it would be unfair and quite honestly impossible on our end. 

"Finding Waldo" takes time, a lot of time--and passion. The photographs are available through next June 30, 2023 so there is plenty of time to search. If you are busy, you can use our Facial Recognition tool. IT is free, but by no means, perfect--or work well for everyone. It is not a tool we charged you for. It is a great tool, according to parents. It provides instant gratification or just do not have the time. It is not a substitute for the searching.

We are not able to do any "Waldo Finding" for you. Not what we or you agreed to.

If there is a special circumstance that you feel a refund is appropriate, we will be glad to consider it. Please email us with the details and make the request by August 30.

There is a cancellation fee of $50.00. 






quested in an email.