Q&A for Portraits

Q: When will I receive the files? A: By the end of the next weekend following the portraits?
Q: What days of the week are available? A: Saturday, mostly for upper class who if they take a weekend do not have to be back until 5:00 on Sunday. Sunday, mostly for Plebes, who can not leave the Yard on Sundays. 
Q: What size file will I receive? A: 20 MP
Q: Can you provide additional editing? A: Yes.
Q: What happens if it is bad weather? A: As long as it is over 45 degrees, I can take portraits. Obviously it can not be raining. We will reschedule if there is bad weather. Sometimes I have to reschedule for the Spring.
Q: Can you take the portrait other than at the Mexican Monument? A: No
Q: What happens if my midshipman can not make it? A: We will reschedule as best we can. However, there is a $50.00 charge for a missed appointment--unless an Academy obligation arises. Please are not allowed out of the Yard on Sunday so they should be able to  make the appointment.
Q: What if my mid has watch? A. Usually that can be changed.
Q: Can I bring my mid's roommate or brother with me? A: Yes, we would focus primarily on one mid and include the other mid in one or two photographs.