Plebe Summer 2022 Photographs

Below please find links to sample photographs from Plebe Summer 2022. They are organized by Platoon and demonstrate the use of Facial Recognition we used this summer.

If you have not already done so, here is link to purchase access

Purchase of access includes access to all photographs from June 30, Induction Day.

Personalized 8x0 Coffee Table Books are available for purchase.

You select he photos. We do the rest.


How To Access the Galleries

Step 1

Click on the link provided below that corresponds to your son/daughter platoon.

You will then see the following. Type in [email protected]

Once you purchase access, you will type in your own email address.


Step 2

Type in the password: Great2026

Once you purchase access, you will type in your own password.


Step 3

Activate the Facial Recognition tool.

It is the face above photos on right.




The closeup faces in circles is the Facial Recognition tool. Find your son/daughter. Scroll to right with grey horizontal bar if necessary.

You can select any face for now to test the Facial Recognition tool.


Step 4

Click on face to highlight with green circle.

Click on selected face a second time.



Step 5

Once you click on the selected face, you will see all photographs "whitewashed" except the ones that match the selected face algorithm. Click on a photo that is not "whitewashed" and is your son/daughter.


You will now see in a sub gallery all the faces from the first gallery that match the face you selected, according to the algorithm, You can save any photograph as a FAVORITE.



These photograph are watermarked for Copyright reasons. A print screen is a copyright violation. You will not be able to download them. 

With your purchase of access, you can download unlimited number of photographs as long as the image includes your son/daughter and your use is personal.

We have taken over 200,000 photographs as of July 31.  We expect about 225,00 by the end of the summer. This averages over 200 photographs per Plebe.  The actual number will depend on the time spent in your "Finding of Waldo."



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