What To Expect

During Plebe Summer 2022 we can guarantee that we will take over 150,000 photographs, and that the number of times we photograph each platoon will be roughly the same. We can also guarantee that we will photograph as many times as possible and as many Plebes as we can during every evolution we photograph.

Because of the Naval Academy restrictions and the "shotgun" approach we have to use, we can not guarantee that we will photograph any specific plebe in any platoon during any specific event. There are several evolutions that we will photograph, if at all possible, every single platoon. These include Weapons, High Ropes, Obstacle Course, Swim, Squad Endurance Run and others.

It is important to understand the Facial Recognition is new. We have tested it over and over again, but we will have glitches--and we will correct them, However, the Facial Recognition will in no way find you all the photographs of your Plebe. If you have ordered a Coffee Table Book, or think you may later, it is important to review manual all galleries.

One option you have is to use the Facial Recognition for quick results and then go back later and view the entire gallery.


We provide the following, in the form of a Q&A, 

so that we are both "on the same page."


Q: How many times a week will my Plebe's platoon be photographed? A: It will vary from platoon to platoon and from week to week. It also goes in spurts, meaning that we could photograph your Plebe's platoon 3-4 times in three days---and then nothing for a week.
Q: How many photographs can we download? A: The
Q: Do you refund if I do not find enough photographs of my Plebe?

A: No we do not. To find every photograph, you need to search manually every galley. These galleries include:

1) The I-Day galleries,

Hover over Plebe Summer Photo Access. Click on Induction Days-clients
The galleries will automatically appear.

2) The More Than2 Platoon galleries and the.

Hover over Plebe Summer Photo Access. MoreThan2Platoons. The gallery will automatically appear, if you are logged in.

3) Facial Recognition galleries.

Click on the link below to view links vfor each of the four galleries, which are based on time periods.

June 29-July 10, July11-20, July21-31, August 1-15



Q: How do you determine what platoons/events to photograph? A:  By the Plebe Summer 2022 schedule. Also by circumstances beyond our control: weather, change in schedule at last minute,.
Q: Will you photograph each platoon  the same number of times? A; Approximately, yes. During the first three weeks, with five photographers, we photograph every event/platoon we can. The last three weeks we focus on those platoon where, for whatever reason, we have not photographed as much.
Q: Why are there no photographs of my Plebe in an event you photographed that was his/her platoon? A: There are a number of reasons. The most likely is that your Plebe simply was not there, or was there and not allowed to participate. The Academy requests that we do not photograph Plebes that are "wounded." We respect that request,
Q: Can you take more photographs of my Plebe's platoon? Or my Plebe? A: We are not allowed to fulfill these requests. We will photograph each platoon approximately the same number of times.