TIPS for Plebe Summer 2022

During the summer we have more phone calls about passwords than any-and-every thing else.

Here are TIPS on how to avoid all PASSWORD issues.

Preventive Measures

What generally happens in regard to passwords is that the wrong

password is typed in. An "error" message is then received.

Parents generally click on "Forgot your Password."


Forgot PasswordForgot Password

A new password is sent via email, Parents "copy and paste." Some browsers do not like this and will not grant you access. It is better to write down the email password and then type it in to the new password box.

On your third attempt for a new password, you will be blocked from access for 24 hours.

NOTE: We have NO access to your password and can not reset it. Please read and follow directions below in order to "Prevent" the above issue.

TIP 1: Change your account password to one you will not forget, your Plebe’s middle name and 2026.


My middle name is Temple.

How To Change Your Password: Log in to your account. You can tell if you are logged in if your My Selection in upper left hand corner:

My Favrorites SelectionMy Favrorites Selection

Or "My Account / Logout" in upper right hand corner Click on My Account  in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

My Account LogoutMy Account Logout


Go to My Profile

My Account AMy Account A

Create your new password.

My Account BMy Account B

TIP 2Dedicate ONE PC or MAC during the summer to finding WALDO. Your computer should always remember your email and password without any issue. Using multiple computers plays havoc with passwords.

TIP 3Use a browser you normally do not use. This will eliminate almost entirely errors from bad passwords and a specific browser getting confused.

TIP 4: Bookmark

Corrective Measures

If for some reason you still have problems accessing on our website, you will need to do the following.

TIP 5Learn what the PRIVATE WINDOW (Firefox) and INCOGNTIO WINDOW (Chrome) are, and how to access them—especially with a MAC. These two windows have no memory. With these two windows, every time you go to my website, you will have to type in your email and password. That is a bit inconvenient, but you will never have a problem with passwords.


Helpful Tip

TIP 6Do not use a mobile phone or I Pad for serious “Waldo Hunting.” The I Phone / I Pad reduce file size and cause storage issues. If you do use either one of these devices, download PHOTO MOMENTS. This AP is free and is set up for navigation on mobile phones and i pads.

TIP 7If you do use an I Pad and/or I Phone, find the same photograph(s) on your dedicated PC/Mac (Tip 2) and dedicated browser (Tip 3) (see above) and Favorite the photo.

TIP 8: Call me if you run into any problems. 443-699-3000


Larry Thornton     443-699-3000      [email protected]