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The ALL Find SEARCH TOOL (All Find Users only)

The ALL Find SEARCH TOOL finds photographs within and between galleries over multiple periods. It can also search by special groups (D&B, Color Guard, etc.), first letter of last name, and photographs of entire company/platoon/squad. The Search Tool is in the top right at top right corner of your screen. 



How To Search For A Single Day

Use the following format for a single day search: 2022 Date Company Gender.

EXAMPLE: 2022 July11 CompanyA Female.


Below is a search for Class of 2022, July11, Company A, Females.

Search Tool zzSearch Tool zz

For the next day, you would change the date only: 2022 July12 A Female, etc. 

NOTES: 2022 must always be included in search. There needs to be a space between 2022 and July11, a space between July11 and CompanyA, and a space between CompanyA and Female. The order of the filters (2022, July11, CompanyA, Female) does not matter.The code is NOT case sensitive.

The spelling for the three search fields is:

Date: June28,June29,June30;July1,July2, etc., August1, August2, etc. 

Company: CompanyA, CompanyB, etc.

Gender: Female and Male

There are other searches you can do. They are:

MaybePhotographs. These are photographs that may include your Plebe's company. FORMAT: 2022 June27 MaybeA Female

NO ID: These are photographs we have no idea what company they are of.

FORMAT: 2022 June27 NoID Female

2022 RepostA: These are photographs that originally were Maybe or NoID photographs. One of our Waldo Finder parents have identified the company, and we have reposted them to help you.

FORMAT: 2022 June27 RepostA Female


Other Searches

Note: To utilize the full power of the SEARCH TOOL, see below. The filters can be used in combination. Example: 2022 June28 June29 June30 CompanyA Female. 

June28 June 29 June30

Photographs posted during the three day period June 28, June 29, and June 30.

Week1, Week2, etc. Photographs posted during Week 1 (June 28-July 4), Week 2 (July 5-11), Week 3 (July12-18), Week 4 (July19-25), Week 6 (July 26-Aug 1), Week 7 (Aug 2-8)
MaybeA, MaybeB, etc. Galleries that may contain Company A, etc.
NoID Galleries we do not know the companies. 
CompanyA, CompanyB, etc. A photograph of the entire company during an evolution.
Platoon1, Platoon2, etc. A photograph of an entire platoon during an evolution, etc.
SquadsA, SquadsB, etc. Photographs of entire squad of 8-12 Plebes in Company A, etc.
LNA, LNB, etc. Plebes whose last name begins with the letter A. The number of photographs identified by last name is limited.
Wounded Plebes who are wounded or not participating in an event.
D&B Members of the Drum & Bugle Corps
ColorGuard Color Guard
GuideOnBearers Guide On Bearers. These are the Plebes who carry the Company A, etc. or Platoon 1, etc. that identify the company and/or platoon.
DetailersSet1 Detailers during Set 1. Class of 2019 and 2020.
DetailersSet2 Detailers during Set 2. Class of 2019 and 2020.