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How To Help Us Identify a Gallery

First of all, thanks you for your help.

Here are directions on what you need to do. It is simple. If you find your Plebe in a MAYBE or NoID gallery, all you need is to email us. We can then repost the gallery with the correct company identification. It helps everyone and it is easy to do.

STEP 1: When you find a photograph of your Plebe in a MAYBE or NoID gallery, click on the SHARE icon. It is right above the photograph, the middle icon.

PhotoBookFavorites APhotoBookFavorites A

This is what it looks like.

PhotoBookFavorites BPhotoBookFavorites B


STEP 2: Click on the Share Gallery link --top middle.

Share GalleryShare Gallery


STEP 3: Email the "Copy and paste the link to this gallery" to

Gallery EmailGallery Email

That's it.

Below are typical Q&A.

Q: What can se use the credit for? A: Plebe Portrait in Fall. Plebe Summer Photo Book. Or we will just issue you a refund -- $5.00 for each company identification you make.
Q: What happens is the company has already been identified by another parent? A: We are only able to give you credit to the first parent who identifies the company in any gallery.
Q: When is the last day for to use the credit? A: Sept 15, 2018.
Q: How will we know that we are the first parent to identify the gallery? A: We will email you and let you know.
Q: When will the last MAYBE or NoID gallery be posted? A: August 15.