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 The Naval Academy has been around a long time. Rest assured. They will take care of your son/daughter during Plebe Summer. I am here to make sure you make it through the summer. We are your eyes, your link, to your Plebe. Daily we email you with what the Plebes are doing. And daily, we post thousands of photographs. It is reassuring to know that your Waldo is doing fine, is okay, and is maybe even -- happy.

We are all about photographing your Plebe, your "Waldo." Since 2001, when we started using the phrase, "Finding Waldo," we have considered ourselves the "official" Waldo photographer. Every day, with a lot of very early mornings and a large cup of coffee, I am in the Yard creating professional edited images of the Plebes "in action" --- over 70,000 by summer's end, with 50-200 of your son/daughter. I personally create about 95% of the photographs to ensure quality, and work with disabled vets to organize the photographs by date, company, and gender --- and then complete the time-consuming editing process.

Have fun finding Waldo. Download the file, post, or print it. That's it.




Two Access Choices both with instant unlimited downloads.

We create over 70,000 photographs during the summer. About half of them we are able to identify by company. The other half we are not able to identify by company. For busy parents, with limited time to search for "Waldo", EASY FIND is the best choice. You have access to all the photographs, about 30,000, that we have identified by company. For parents who "want it all" and have the time, either during the summer or after the summer is over, there is ALL FIND access. You have access to all 70,000 photographs. See below.



Access to 30,000 photographs, the one we have identified by company. 

 ALL Find


Access to over 70,000 photographs. The 70,000 includes the ones we have identified by company (the EZ Find photographs) as well as those NOT 100% identified by company.






Instant unlimited downloadable files and inexpensive prints.

Discounted Products: 8x10 Photo Books and Fall Plebe Portrait .


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