ThorntonStudios | PS18 Photographs/Files


Below please find the typical questions asked about the photographs and files. If your question is not answered,

please contact Larry Thornton at 443-699-3000.

Q: What is a file? A: A file is the digital information you need to make a print. You can make the print on your own computer or a local CVS, etc.
Q: Do you make prints? A: Yes, you can order them right on line. These prints however, are not custom prints. They are a better quality than a CVS or Sam's Club.
Q: How big is the file? A: Generally 5 MP. If you're not sure what this means, it is big enough to make an acceptable 8x10 print.
Q: What about the Copyright? A: When you purchase a file you are being given to use the file to make prints or put on social media, etc. for you personal use -- not for resale purposes.
Q: Can I use the files on Facebook and other Social Media sites? A: Yes, you can. You only need a 1 MP file for Social Media sites.
Q: What camera do you use? A: A NIKON D800 and D850.