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How To Create A Set of Favorites for your Photo Book

This is a No-Hassle photo book. It is for parents who do not have the time or inclination to learn how to design a photo book on line -- and who want the book professionally done. You select the 25 photographs and we do the rest. We will crop/edit your photographs, group the photographs -- and design the book. The design will include a short copy to explain the evolution. Here is a sample.

Book Copy Parades H (2)Book Copy Parades H (2)

We will then print the book and mail it to you.

STEP 1: Open up a gallery and find a photograph you want to consider including in your book. You will be able to delete it later if you want to. The set of favorites will be a work in progress. Also, you may want to save any individual photograph to two sets of favorites: one for the summer and the same one for your Photo Book. Just save it twice.

PhotoBookFavorites APhotoBookFavorites A

STEP 2: Click on the heart right (the left most icon) above the middle of the photograph. It is outlined in gray.

PhotoBookFavorites BPhotoBookFavorites B

The following popup will appear. The popup means you have saved the photograph. It also lets you know that I have a copy of the photograph you saved. This is important because at the end of the summer, I will use this set of favorites to create your book.

PhotoBookFavorites CPhotoBookFavorites C

STEP 3: Click on CLOSE to delete the popup.

STEP 4: In the upper left hand corner of your screen, you will now see the following: Favorites/MySelection (1). This means you have saved one (1) photograph to My Selection.

PhotoBookFavorites DPhotoBookFavorites D

STEP 5: We suggest you rename My Selection to JohnsonPhotoBook. Use your last name, not "Johnson." To change the name click on My Selection to view the set of Favorites. Here is your set of favorites with the one photograph.

PhotoBookFavorites FPhotoBookFavorites F


STEP 6: Then hover over the down arrow. A popup will appear with three options: Rename, Save as . . . , Delete.

PhotoBookFavorites EPhotoBookFavorites E


Click on the rename option. The following will appear. Type in JohnsonPhotoBook and click on Save. You're done.

In the upper left hand corner you will now see JohnsonPhotoBook. Each time you want to save a photo to your Photo Book, switch to the Photo Book set of favorites and save the photo.

PhotoBookFavorites GPhotoBookFavorites G



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