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There are several reasons it is important to save your photographs to favorites.

1) It is easier to keep track of all your photographs.

2) At the end of the summer you can download all at one time as a ZIP FILE.

3) You will have a backup on the website.

STEP 1: Open up the gallery and select the photograph you want to save to FAVORITES.

Favorites AFavorites A


STEP 2: Click on the FAVORITES icon above the photograph you want to save as a favorite. It is the one on the far left below.


Favorites BFavorites B

STEP 3: A popup will appear. Select the first radio button and name your set of Favorites. I have named this set as My Plebe.


Favorites CFavorites C

STEP 4: Click Add Photos. The heart will now be filled in, not outlined. This means the photographed has been saved to your Favorites.


Favorites DFavorites D

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