ThorntonStudios | PS18 Events Photographed

The following events are the typical ones we photograph during Plebe Summer.

We can not guarantee that we will photograph every company at each of these events but we do our best.

The events we are typically able to photograph every company are indicated.

Additional events may be added.

  1. Induction Day (every company)
  2. PEP indoctrination run
  3. Sailing (every company)
  4. PEP ability group run
  5. Yard History Tour
  6. Leaving PEP
  7. Navigation
  8. Damage Control 2 )every Company)
  9. Leaving for Naval Station and returning
  10. PEP company run
  11. Meal Formation
  12. Damage Control 4
  13. Marching in Yard
  14. Class photo
  15. Leaving Chapel services
  16. Practice Parades (every Company)
  17. Going to Smokers
  18. Close Order Drill
  19. 10K Run
  20. Soccer Smoker
  21. Marching to events
  22. Squad Combat Course: Physical Training (every company)
  23. Candids
  24. Squad Combat Course: Zodiac portage and race (every company)
  25. Braveheart
  26. Bowie Baysox Game
  27. Wounded

Photographs of some other events are available through the Alumni Association. If you have as question,

please call me at 443-699-3000

Larry Thornton

...38 years