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Waldo News: Training Day 12 / Monday, July 9, 2018

ANECDOTE: "My Son All Summer"

One summer a mother worried so much about her son that she ordered a print from me. Within days, she received it and placed it in a beautiful frame on her dresser, in her bedroom. Every day it brought her joy in the morning. Then, during Thanksgiving, her son came home. She showed him the photograph. Her son responded with bewilderment, “Mom, that is not me.” The mother quite firmly told her son, “Son, that is you. All summer I looked at it and it gave me reassurance.”

PLEBE Vocabulary "Go Fasters" 

“Go Fasters” are sneakers.


This is the other half of the Squad Combat Course. One of the most enduring evolutions of Plebe Summer is the Zodiac Boat Race. In 1980, when I first started filming the Plebes, this event was the highlight of the summer. It still is. During the race, the Plebe, as a platoon, are instructed on how to paddle a rubber Zodiac. After instruction, they carry the four boats up the hill at Hospital Point and around part of Hospital Pont. They then get in their boats and race about a mile.

LINK to Zodiac Boat Race Samples:



MONDAY, July 9: What the Plebes Did Today

Companies A-P: PEP at 0600 HRS, Ability Run

Company A: Zodiac Boat Race

Company K, L,M: Went to Naval Station for USMC Obstacle Course, Weapons, "E" Course,

N25: Tarzan Assault Course

Companies A-P: Close Order Drill on Worden Field


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