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STEP 1: Once you have saved one photograph to favorites, you will see the following link in the upper left hand corner of your screen. The (1) means one photograph has been saved.

ThorntonPhotoBookSet AAThorntonPhotoBookSet AA  
STEP 2: Hover over the link, a dropdown will appear. Click on +Add New Set. The dialog below will appear. Type in your last name and then Thornton Photo Book (use your last name). Click on CREATE. That's it. You will now have two sets of favorites. The first is l is labeled Favorites/My Selection(1). This set can be the ones you download as a ZIP FILE at the end of the summer. If you hover over Favorites/My Selection (1), you will see a dropdown with the second set of favorites: Thornton Photo Book.  
ThorntonPhotoBookSet AThorntonPhotoBookSet A  
STEP 3: Now when you find a photograph you want to save, save it first to Favorites/My Selection (1). Then hover over Favorites /My Selection (1) and switch to Thornton Photo Book. This time, when you save the photograph, it will be saved to Thornton Photo Book.  
ThorntonPhotoBookSet BThorntonPhotoBookSet B  
STEP 4: At the end of the summer, you will whittle down the photographs in Thornton Photo Book to 25. Then email me that you are ready for me to make the book. I do the rest.  

If you have any questions, please call me:

Larry Thornton


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