Dear Parent/Midshipman:
Excuse the prewritten email. Much more efficient and accurate. If it does not answer any of your questions, please call/email me. If yu are the parent, we suggest you forward this to your midshipman

Q: Where does my midshipman meet you?

A: At the Mexican Monument. If he/she does not know where that is, it is the one in the middle of Stribling Walk with four cannon surrounding it.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: I can not photograph in the rain as it will damage my camera. Usually if there is less than 30% chance of rain, I will be there. I will email you the morning of real early if I am canceling. You will need to communicate with your midshipman about the cancellation. If we are rained out, pray that we can find a make up time.

Q: What uniform should my midshipman wear?

A: Your choice. Do keep in mind the following> The current “Uniform of the Day” are the summer whites I believe. That means when a midshipman is out in the Yard, that is the uniform suppose to be worn. This does not apply to a portrait in the Yard. We suggest, if you plan to take photographs of your midshipman every year, to change the uniform each year. That way you will have all uniforms. Obviously that does not apply to Class of 2021. For them I recommend the Choker Whites.

Q: Does my midshipman need to do anything special if a male, or a female?

A: Yes.

    Males: shave the morning of or a few hours before, especially if a five o’clock shadow . It is very expensive to retouch 5 o'clock shadows, and a  lot of times can not do.

   FEMALES: DO not wear too much makeup, especially around the eyes.

Q: Do I need to give you a list of the photographs I want take/?

A: No, unless there is a very important one you want. I would probably take the ones you want anyways. If there is a special photo, tell your midshipman to tell me.

Q: What does my midshipman need to bring?

A: For Class of 2021, the Class Ring. For the  Full Dress Blues uniform, white gloves and white watch belt.

Q: What if my midshipman is late?

A: Come any way, unless 10 minutes late or more. I will do what I can in remaining time.

Q: Can I reschedule?

A: Not really. Very few time slot left..

Q: Can I get a refund on a NO SHOW.

A: $50.00 refund only..

Q: When will I receive the files?

A: Usually the next weekend, with basic editing. Custom editing can be done for that very important photograph..

Q: What kind of photographs do you take?

A: Full length, waist up—serious and smiling. 10-20 altogether..



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