NEWSLETTER / "No More Plebes" April 21, 2022

The title of this newslettter ("No More Plebes") comes from a phrase the Plebes

will chant at the completion of the Herndon Monument Climb on May 23 ----"No More Plebes."

What the Plebes do not know is that they do not know where the chant

comes from or why the chant it. More about this later..


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We will be sending out a few newsletters from now until the Climbing of Herndon. They will focus on information about Sea Trials and Herndon, hopefully interesting and informative. In regard to the Herndon Monument Climb, your son/daughter will know perhaps "zero" about what is in the newsletter, unless of course he/she did a research paper on Herndon--or is just are well-infomed.

In regard to Sea Trials, they will know some of it, and perhaps most of it once Sea Trials is over

Hope you find them entertaining and informative.

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Sea Trials

Sea Trials is led by Academy upper class and provides a final physical and mental challenge to the Plebes, designed to test their teamwork and to reinforce their bonds as a company and class. It lasts 12 hours, starting at 0400 HRS and continuing until 1600 HRS. For the lay person, that is 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

It is takes its name from the name given to the maiden voyage a ship makes once construction is complete. This maiden voyage is literally a trial to test the ship.

                        The Herndon Monument Climb



Above is the only known photo of William Louis Herndon. This is understandable

as photograph was not until 1826 or 1827. Herndon was born in 1813.

Perhaps the best way to introduce the Herndon Monument Climb is to ask the following question:

The climb is named after William Louis Herndon. Which of the following is not true of William Louis Herndon:

1) There is a city named after his family,

2) He was a midshipman at the Academy,

3) He married the sister of the man considered the "Father of Oceanography",

4) His daughter married a president of the United States,

5) He wrote a book still being published printed today.

6) He inspired Mark Twain to write a novel about the Mississippi,

7) He was ordered to save the United States from a financial crisis

8 A very distant relative worked on the movie, "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

The answer will surprise you and will be posted in a few days. You can try to Google it, but good luck.

Larry Thornton