The question we get most over the summer is, '"How do I reset my password?" The reason you probably need to reset it is the password you typed in was incorrect. If you type it in five times incorrectly, your access will be blocked for 24 hours. A notice will pop up indicating you have Blocked Access. You then need to wait 24 hours. I have no access to this, and can not reset it for you.

Here are steps in resetting your password:
STEP 1) Click on LOG IN/CREATE AN ACCOUNT, the far left link in the header.
STEP 2) You are concerned only with the left hand side of the screen, "ALREADY REGISTERED?"  Click on the "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD" link.
STEP 3) A password will be emailed to you.
STEP 4) Copy and paste this password into the password box on the "ALREADY REGISTERED?" panel. You should now have access. If you do have access go to STEP 8 below.
STEP 5) If the password sent to your email does not work, write it down. Be sure every character is exactly right. It is case sensitive.
STEP 6) Now type in the new password into the "ALREADY REGISTERED?" panel.
STEP 7) If this does not work, try another browser. OR, reboot your computer. 
STEP 8) Once you have access you need to change the password that was sent to you by email. Click on PROFILE.
STEP 9) Click on ACCOUNT in upper right hand corner of the home page. Click on PROFILE
STEP 10) copy and paste the password sent to your email. 
STEP 11) Type in a new password. We suggest your Plebe's middle name and then 2024.

You are done. Congratulation. If for for reason this does not work, call me at 443-699-3000.