Q&A for Premium Parking at 407 Taylor Avenue

This Q&A are the terms of use for parking at 407 Taylor Avenue.

Q: How do we pay?

A: Pay through VENMO.


Be sure to note in the payment what the payment is for.

Q: Can you accommodate trucks/large SUVs? A: No, we can not. 
Q: When is parking area open? A: Two hours prior to the game.
Q: Can we tailgate in the parking area? A: We provide tables/chairs right outside the parking area, 
Q: How long is the parking area open after the game? A: Two hours.
Q: Can I reserve two, or three or more, spaces? A: Yes just pay accordingly, through VENMO.
Q: Do we need to leave our keys in the car? A: Yes.
Q: Are there refunds? A: No.
Q: Are you insured for damage to our vehicle.  A: No, we are not.
Q: Can we give our reservation to someone else? A: Yes