The Organization of Sea Trials

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The Morning Ordeal / 0300 HRS to 1130 HRS
About five years ago there were only six "rotations" to Sea Trials. There are still six, but the Plebes get up much earlier now. In fact I do not think they really go to bed the night before. By 0300 HRS, that is, 3:00 AM. they are all out at Hospital Point in the very dark of dark. It is their warmup. I guess.

The thirty companies are divided into six groups. These groups are:

Companies 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, and 26-30.

In the morning three of these groups head off to the Naval Station. The other three groups remain in the Yard. Do not know who goes where.

The three groups (each with three companies) at the Naval Station go to three different locations, usually the following areas: USMC Obstacle Course area, Endurance Course Area, and then on a field near the new commissary.

There are five "stations" at each area. Each Company completes a different station. After twenty minutes or so, they rotate stations. After an hour and a half, they "rotate" to the next area at Hospital Point. This continues until about 11:15.

The stations vary from year to year. Though I do not know the ones for this Sea Trials, they might include: Obstacle Course, Endurance Course, Pugil Sticks, Water Wade, LOG PT, etc,


The TRANSITION / 1130 HRS to 1300 HRS

About 11:30 the three groups at the Naval Station assemble. The three groups in he Yard assemble. Escorted by a flurry of police cars, and an abundance of safety and caution, the groups run across the Naval Academy bridge. They pass each other on the bridge.

They then about thirty minutes to eat MREs. Meals Ready to Eat. At that point they taste really great.

The Afternoon Ordeal / 1300 HRS to 1430 HRS

Now the three groups go to three different locations in the Yard, typically:

LeJeune, Hospital Point (two groups), Sea Wall, McDonough Swim pool..

As at the Naval Station, there are five stations at each location. Each company completes each station. Then the rotation.

End of the Day

The day ends about 1630. It actually ends earlier because about 1430 everyone is so tired the enthusiasm and energy has waned. "Stations" become shorter as more and more are exhausted.

NOTE that the Plebes actually practice these "stations" on Saturdays through part of the Academic year. At the end of Sea Trials the Plebes are still Plebes. Not until the climbing of Herndon do you hear the chant. "No More Plebes."