NEWSLETTER / WALDO NEWS / April 27, 2022

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Most parents refer to finding photographs of their son/daughter as "Finding Waldo." This is good because it is actually fun and exciting. Nothing like seeing your Plebe at night doing what he/she wants to do.

From what I have been told, some parents use it as their evening entertainment. Sisters, brothers, grandparents, girlfriends are all  entertained. Other parents tell me they debate strongly over who gets to hunt for Waldo at night.

The website is also like the PIXAR movie, "Finding Nemo." In "Finding Nemo" there is a dual story line. Marlin loves for his son, Nemo and wants to keep his son safe. Nemo want to explore life and its potential. In the end Marlin and Nemo find out they want the same thing.


Though there are over 150,000 photographs, they are organized by platoon. You have access to your Plebe's platoon so the actual number is much less. In addition, we hope to offer Facial Recognition for that immediate gratification.

The History of "Finding Waldo."

During the summer of 2002 a parent called me and suggested I refer to my website as "Finding Waldo." I followed up on her suggestion.

Several years later the Commandant was address the parents of a new set of Plebes. It just so happened he had a son who was a Plebe. He explained that he has no more special access to finding his son in photos than they did. Every night he looked through the photos to, as he called it, to "Find his Waldo."

In 2022, in a meeting with the NABSD, one of the staff asked me the origin of "Finding Waldo." I explained it came from a parent in 2002.

Waldo with Plebe HateWaldo with Plebe Hate

Invented by Martin Handford, Waldo first appeared in 1987.  Waldo (the female version is Wendi), has traveled all over the world, through time, and to distant magical lands. His creator said he would be about 32 years of age, but later, in 2019, he was portrayed by Joshua Rush as a 12-year old. He comes from the Land of Waldo, sort of he Land of Plebe Summer which Plebe parents will learn about through our daily newsletter, Waldo News."


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