NEWSLETTER / "No More Plebes" May 19, 2022

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Here is the "multiple guess" (as the midshipmen call these things) question.

The Herndon Monument Climb is named after William Louis Herndon. Which of the following is not true of William Louis Herndon:

1) There is a city named after his family, YES

2) He was a midshipman at the Academy, YES and NO

3) He married the sister of the man considered the "Father of Oceanography", YES

4) His daughter married a president of the United States, YES

5) He wrote a book still being published printed today.

6) He inspired Mark Twain to write a novel about the Mississippi,

7) He was ordered to save the United States from a financial crisis

8) A very distant relative worked on the movie, "Breakfast at Tiffany's"


William Louis Herndon and Frances Elizabeth Hansborough has only one daughter, Ellen Lewis Herndon.

Ellen YoungEllen Young EllenEllen

She married Chester Arthur, the 21st President of the United States States.


Arthur ChesterArthur Chester

Who is Chester Arthur? He is probably the least recognized President of the United States. 

In 1880 Arthur was the VP winner of the Garfield-Arthur ticket. Four years after Garfield's inauguration, he was shot and Arthur became President. Busy with his job, Arthur spent did not spend much time with Ellen, who lived in NYC.  On a cold winter night she went uptown to a party. When she arrived home, she was turned sick. Arthur was immediately notified. He rushed home to New York City, only to find Ellen had just died. He never forgave himself for not spending more time with her.

Arthur Hiome in NYCArthur Hiome in NYC

He had a stained glass window installed in the President's church. From his White House window he could see the window. Every night he would gaze at it. 

Ellens windowEllens window