NEWSLETTER / "No More Plebes" April 23, 2022

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Here is the "multiple guess" (as the midshipmen call these things) question.

The Herndon Monument Climb is named after William Louis Herndon. Which of the following is not true of William Louis Herndon:

1) There is a city named after his family,

2) He was a midshipman at the Academy,

3) He married the sister of the man considered the "Father of Oceanography",

4) His daughter married a president of the United States,

5) He wrote a book still being published printed today.

6) He inspired Mark Twain to write a novel about the Mississippi,

7) He was ordered to save the United States from a financial crisis

8 A very distant relative worked on the movie, "Breakfast at Tiffany's"


There is a city named after the Herndon family, sort of --"sort of" because there are aactually two.


Herndon, Va

A small town outside Washington, D,C, with a population of 24,000. It was named after the Herndon family who came to America from England.

Herndon VA MapHerndon VA Map
Herndon VAHerndon VA

Herndon PA

Formerly Treverton Junction and along the Susquehanna River in North Cumberland. When Herndon dies in 1857, the city was named after him. It is small --- 1.8 square miles.

Herndon PAHerndon PA


William Lewis Herndon was born in Fredericksburg, VA on Oct 25, 1815. He died on Sept 12 1857. His death was not of natural causes and his life and contribution to the Navy and the United States is immeasurable as you you will find out in future newsletters. His 42 year life, though tragically short. had a connection with almost every aspect of American life.

Herndon Family TreeHerndon Family Tree
You will note that the descendants of William Louis Herndon do not really exist. I did meet aa woman once (the only one) with the last name Herndon. I really would have liked to talk to her more, but was never able to to reconnect. .


You now know more than ten times what your Midshipman knows, and there is so much more. Unfortunately Herndon's place in US history and culture is very little known.

NEXT NEWSLETTER answers the question: Was Herndon a midshipman?

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