Induction Day Processing-Part 2


The Plebes in Alumni Hall next enter the medical area. It is involved with multiple tests.


Probably the most traumatic part of processing--the hair. Certainly the most symbolic. The room is large, lined up with some twenty barber chairs. Each Plebe is pointed to a chair. The barber apron is passed over his/her head. In just a minute there is no more hair.


From the hair cutting station, the Plebe follows the yellow line on the floor. It is the line which directs where the Plebe is to go after completing one station. He/she goes to pick up a canteen and then get measured for uniforms.

Sea Bag

Then to pick up two Sea Bags,  which begins the long trek down several corridors where each Plebe picks up a part of his/her uniform and stuffs it in the bag. At the end of picking up the various parts of the uniform, the Plebes are told  to put on each part of he uniform to make sure it fits. If it does not, it needs to be returned to the Mid Store within 48 hours I think. If the Plebe writes his/her name on the uniform article, it then belongs to him/her. 

First Instruction

The final checkout at a desk and then to the area where they will emerge from the back of Alumni Hall. Before exiting they are instructed ion saluting, putting on their cover, attention, etc. It is their first real Navy stuff to lean.

The overall process can take as little as an hour and half to four hours. Parents wait at the back of Alumni Hall waiting for a glimpse. They wait, and wait, and wait.