Go Pro Photographs

Q: What is a Go Pro? A: It is a very small camera that records video or photographs. It is extremely popular with many people who wish to record what hey do, such as riding a bike, surfing, etc. It is mostly used for video, but can take photographs.
QL Are you substituting the Go Pro for a photographer? A: No, we are not. We have three experienced photographers who will photograph as we have always have photographed. The Go Pros have been added.
Q: Why do you use Go Pros?


1. To provide you with more many more photographs.

2. There are some events, most notable the E Course where they are invaluable cameras. The E Course is a 3.2 mile run through the wood with about ten obstacles. It is not possible to place a photographer at every obstacle. We use a stationary GoPro. It is positioned where every Plebe going over the obstacle will be photographed. The quality of these images are best for social media.

Q: What is the photographic quality of the GoPro? A: It can not beat a Nikon. However it is an acceptable image for social media, mobile phone where the image is not large.
Q: Can a GoPro photograph at a higher quality than the quality at the E Course?
A: Yes. The limitation is that it can only take a photograph every 5 seconds, not every 1/2 second. We use the higher quality in locations where the action is not so fast that we would miss taking a photograph of your son/daughter.,