Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is new this year. We knew we would have issues with it. We are now learning what they are, and possibly how to correct them. Here is what we have learned.

Q: How do you download from Facial Recognition? A: From your Favorites.
Q: Where are Sets 2,3, and 4?

A: Intjhe upper right hand corner of yoru screen you will see a round head and shoulders profile. Click on this to view your Profile. Click on My Galleries. You should see two galleries. Next, click on Load More. You should now see 4 galleries. If you DO NOT, please email me with the following information:

1) First and Last name on your account

2) Email on your account

4) Plebe's Platoon #

5) Request to activate the sets your are missing. List the set/.

Q: I click on a face of my Plebe. There are no photos of him. Why? A: If there is a face in the horizontal bar, there must be a face in the gallery. The face in  the horizonal bar is an algorithm based off of the gallery photos. You need to scroll all the way through all the round face photos.
Q: When I click on my Plebe's face, why do all the photos become opaque. A: The whitewashed photos are the ones that, based on the algorithm and the face you selected as your Plebe, are not the matches. The light ones are the matches.
Q: Why do the pages load slowly? Mine took three hours. A: The speed is based on several factors. It depends on whether your internet connection is 'throttled" or "metered." This type of connection control how much data can be transmitted per minute.
Q: I am not able to see the circled faces veryw ell.  A: Click on CONTROL + to make the faces bigger.
Q: If the Facial Recognition does not work well on June 29-July 10, will it work better on July 11-20? A: Possibly. Depends on the photographs. In any case, you always need to view all the photographs to find your Plebe.
Q: Can you change the algorithm so it works better for my Plebe? A: No.
Q:Do I need to reselect my Plebe's face each time view the gallery? A: Yes
Q: Is it better just to view all the photos than use Facial Recognition? A: Depends. Facial Recognition is great if it works well and for instant gratification. To find all photos, you still need to view entire gallery.
Q: Why are they no file numbers on the photos? A: There are. Click on the file.