Plebe Summer 2022


Facial Recognition does work, but it is not perfect. You still have to view the photographs to find all the photographs of your son/daughter. This is our first year using Facial Recognition. We are hesitant to use it for the following reasons:

1) We have not used it before. so there may be some issues we are not aware of..

3) Some parents may have high expectations for it.


How does Facial Recognition work? The Facial Program (We call it the WALDO FINDER) analyzes the face it is scanning. An algorithm is then established. The software looks for other faces with the same algorithm.


We have tested the Facial Recognition Program we are using, and we wish to share with you the results. We used our Facial Recognition on one event (High Ropes) for one platoon with forty Plebes. There were 650 photographs in the gallery. Divide 650 photographs by 40 you should get about sixteen photographs of each Plebe.

I then selected the faces below, one at a time. Face A, then Face B, then Face C, all the way through N. I counted the number of matches for each face. The count is below the face in red. Here is what I found out:

1) The faces with only one match (A, C, E, G, H, N) were generally not good photographs of faces, except for H and N. An algorithm was set up for each one of these faces, but no matching faces could be found.

2) If you add up the number of matches for B, D, F, I, J, K, L and M (eight face) you have 135 matches. Divide 135 by the the number of faces (eight), you will end up with 16.8 matches per face, on average. I would expect 16.2 matches based on 650 photographs and 40 Plebes.

3) The Facial Recognition program will not help all parents equally.

4) There is a spread between Face M with 27 matches and Face L with 4 matches. This is normal. We make effort to photograph every Plebes, but we can not guarantee we will have the same number of photographs for each Plebe at a single event.

Note: I had 90 unique facial algorithms. I counted the number of matches for all 90. About 45 of the algorithms had only one match. These were faces that a good algorithm could not be made.

We have had several Class of 2025 parent test the Facial Recognition for last summer. Here is the evaluation from a Bruce Awtry, one of those parents..


"As a parent of a 2025 Plebe I can speak first hand of the improved “find your plebe” ability with Larry Thornton’s newly implemented AI Facial Recognition feature. I tested it first hand and I can say without a doubt, future plebe parents will find themselves with more free time using this feature going forward. Finding those pictures of your plebe is one of the great feelings to help you get through Plebe Summer and it just became a whole lot easier."

Bruce Awtry,  Class of 2025 Parent