CUSTOM Coffee Table Book for Plebe Summer 2021

Class of 2025, The United States Naval Academy

I have made this process as easy as possible. The only thing you have to do is to select the 40-50 photographs and approve the editing and design of the book. I do the rest.

Two important notes:

NOTE 1: I will not send reminder emails. Do not like to receive them myself so I do not send them. When you have completed a step, you need to email me. If you do not hear from me in a week, email me to check the progress.

NOTE 2: I complete each of the steps as I receive an email confirmation from you. Waiting to the last minute will result in a Coffee Table Book NOT DELIVERED by Christmas.

STEP 1: Find Waldo

Save all photographs of your Plebe as FAVORITES.  Email me when you have reviewed all galleries and saved the photographs of your Plebe.

[email protected]

Q & A (More Information to help you.)
Q: Can I use photographs from the Alumni Association or other sources? A: We do not recommend it, but you can.
Q: If I want the book by Christmas, when should I complete this first step? A: End of September.
Q: I am going to have you take a Plebe Portrait of my Plebe in the Fall. Can we use those photographs in the book? A: Yes, you can.
Q: When I view my FAVORITES, some of them are starred, or I can not see them. What do I do? A: Email me and let me know.
Q: Can I wait until after Christmas to work on the Coffee Table Book? A: Yes, but do keep in mind that I will not be able to offer any assistance after June 1, 2022.
Q: I would like to place on the front cover the "2025" Class Photo. Can I do that? A: Yes, we will at some point have that photograph. Normally that is what we place on the front cover.
Q: Do I need to review all galleries to select the 40 photos? A: No you do not.
Q: How many photos should I have in FAVORITES for the book? A: Probably 100.
Q: Can you help me find the photographs of my Plebe? A: We can explain how the galleries are organized and where you will most likely find good photographs. You have to do the rest.


STEP 2: Choose 40 photographs

Once you have emailed me that you have saved all the photographs of your Plebe to FAVORITES, I will send you a link to all of your FAVORITES. You will need to create a new set of FAVORITES labelled "LAST NAME (Use name on the order, not your Plebe's last names) Book." Save 40-50 photographs to this new set of FAVORITES.

Email me when you have saved 40-50 photographs to this new set of favorites. [email protected]

Q & A (More Information to help you.)
Q: How do I create a new set of FAVORITES?

A: Go to this link for how to set up a new set of FAVORITES.

Q: Can you select the 40-50 photographs for me? A: Yes I can. I will make the decision based on the photograph. There is a $19.95 charge for my selecting the photographs for you. If I make the selection, you will not be able to make changes.
STEP 3: Approve Editing

Once I have received an email verifying that you have selected your 40-50 photographs, I will edit them. When I have done so I will send you a link to the edited photographs. The edited photographs will be found next to the unedited photograph so you can see the difference. Email me with any changes you wish to make, or email me indicating you approve the editing.

[email protected]

Q & A (More Information to help you.)
Q: How will you know who my Plebe is? A: I can tell pretty easily by the photographs you select.
Q: Will you crop the photograph to focus on my Plebe? A: Yes.


STEP 4: Approve Design

Once the editing is approved, I will design the book. I will send you a link to the design. Email me with your approval of the design, along with your mailing address.

[email protected]

Q & A (More Information to help you.)
Q: How long will it take to receive the book once I approve the design? A: 2-3 weeks.
Q: Will the photographs be grouped by evolution? A: Yes.
Q: Will there be "copy" (or an explanation) of the evolution? A: Yes
Q: How many photographs do you place on one page? A: Minimum is 1, and maximum is four.
Q: How do you group the photographs on any single page? A: This is done by the dimensions of each photograph. We fit them on the page like a jigsaw puzzle.