Plebe Summer 2022 Coffee Table Book


Thank you for your order of a Coffee Table Book of Plebe Summer 2022. This is a custom and personalized photo book. You select the photographs. We do the rest. Our part includes custom editing of the photographs and custom designing the book. This does take time on your end and ours. The final deadline for ordering the book is April 30, 2023.

About the Book

The book is a hard cover 8 1/2 x11 photo book in an horizontal format. The cover photo is the "2026" photo taken in Tecumseh Court. See below. You can select a different photograph.

The back of the book is a photograph of a sunset over the Academy. You can select a different photograph. The front and back covers are high gloss.

Included in the price are fifty photographs, with about 25 pages. You can add more photographs if you wish. This automatically increases the number of pages. A single page in the book could include one, two, three, or four photographs. This depends on the orientation of the photographs. The finish of the pages are lustre.

If you wish to include photographs from Alumni Association, Naval Academy, other parents, etc. in the book, you can. In this case, you would need to send me a thumb drive with ALL the photographs you want to consider for the book. The thumb drive includes the ones we took. Keep in mind to send the largest file size you have to maintain print quality etc. Send to:

Larry Thornton

 2802 Autumn Chase  Circle

 Annapolis, MD 21401

If you wish us to return the thumb drive, pleas let me know.

In regard to the book, the photographs are organized by evolution and as much as is possibly, chronologically.

Include with each evolution is copy.

"Copy" is simply an explanation of the evolution. See below.


Three Steps

There are three steps in the creation your book. 

Step A) Saving photograph as Favorites.

Step A is the step you are currently working on.

See below for more detailed information on what you need to do.

Step B) Selecting the "best" for your book.

We will send you this step with directions after you have completed Step A.

We ask that you do not try to "anticipate" the next step.

Step C) Approve the design of the book.

We will send you this step after you have completed Step B.

We ask that you do not try to "anticipate" this step.




Your first step is to view all the galleries and save any and all photographs of your son/daughter as a Favorite. This include photographs in the four galleries in Facial Recognition as well as the photographs in Induction Day and MoreThan2Platoons.

Do not be concerned that you will have multiple sets of Favorites. We will take care of that.

When you have completed this, you need to email me to let me know this step has been completed. Just email with the following information:

1) Last and First Name on Your Account.

2) First and last name of your significant other if involved in the creation of the book.

3) Your son/daughter first and last name.

4) Email on Your account.

5) Platoon Number.

6) Notification that you have finished Step A.

That is all you need to do. When I receive this email, I

will do magic at my end and set up the next step for you.



In order that your book is created without error and in a timely

 manner,  I use the following procedure.

I will explain in detail to you the step you need to complete. If you do not understand any part of it, please call me rather than "burn your wheels" or frustrate yourself "trying to figure it out." Right now you should be working only on Step A--viewing all the galleries and saving photographs as Favorites. Email me when completed.

I will not send out reminder emails. I will wait until I hear from you. If you do NOT email me when you are done, I will not know you are done and will not work on your book.

If you email me that you have finished a step and DO NOT hear from me within five days, you need to re-email me. Something is probably wrong.


Any refund is based on how much work I have done

at the time the refund is requested.


Q: Can I purchase extra copies of the book? A: YES, Additional copies are $150.00.
Q: When will I receive the book?

A: This is the most difficult question to answer because it depends on you. If you wish it by Christmas, I would say you need to have Step A done by end of September. 

More important to understand is that I will respond to your emails within five days. If you wait a month to complete a step, that will delay the delivery by a month. 

I will not be able to offer any support in the completion of your book after April 30, 2023. After that you will need to wait until September 2023.

Q: Can I as a parent design the book? A: No , you can not.
Q: Can I include a "Congratulations" to my son/daughter on the first page?

A: Yes, you can. You would just need to provide me the copy.

Please call me if you have any questions. 443-699-3000