This website is for those parents/friends of midshipmen.

Access is predicated on the values instilled by the Naval Academy. and certainly by you as parents of these midshipmen.  We ask that you honor and respect these values. 

These photographs are all copyrighted. Your purchase of access includes permission for you to download photographs that include your son or daughter as along as the photographs are used for you personal use, and only your personal use. If there is a violation of this copyright, there will be a limit imposed on the number of photographs you can download. You can request to download additional photographs. However, Thornton Studios reserves the option not to honor the request. Thornton Studios also reserves the right to deny access for infringement of Copyright Laws as outlined on this page and elsewhere on the website. 


Q: Is there a copyright on these photographs? A: Yes there is. It is Thornton Studios. However, once you purchase access, you can use any photographs that include your Plebe for your personal use.
Q: Can I post the photographs of my Plebe on Social Media? A: Yes, as long as it includes you son/daughter.
Q: Can my local paper use the photo in an article about my Plebe? A: Yes, please give credit to Thornton [email protected]
Q: Can I make prints of the photographs? A: Yes you can
Q: When I place the photographs on Social Media. do I need to give you credit? A: We would certainly like the credit.
Q: Can I share my access with other members of my family? A: Yes, you can. In order to do so, you will need to give them your email and account password. You will have to use your discretion on where you want to do this.