My Account 

Q: Why do I need to create an account?

A: There are several reasons:

1) Your account, which is FREE, is
required to access the photographs during the summer. Your email acts as a password so you do not need to remember your password. You just need to be logged in.

2) An account also lets you save photographs of your son/daughter on our website. These photographs are called FAVORITES. At the end of the summer you can download them all as a ZIP FILE.

Q: What should I use for my account password?

A: During the summer we receive more phone calls and emails about this password than anything else.  Parents basically don't write it down and forget it. We have no access to this password. You will have to go through the standard process to access your account. Click on FORGET PASSWORD, etc.

To avoid all this, we suggest the following. Use your Plebe's middle name, preceded by his/her graduating year. Se example below:

EXAMPLE: 2025Temple
My middle name is Temple.

Q: How do I access and/or change my account information?

1) Log in to your account. You are logged in if you can see your name (or My Account) in the very top far right corner of the screen.

2) Hover over your name.

3) A dropdown will appear.

4) Click on My Account. 


Q: How do I change my password? Q: Go to My Account. See above.  Click on Password to change the password.
Q: I have been blocked from access for 24 hours. What do I do?

A: You have blocked because you have made 5 attempts to log in to your account with the wrong password.

1) After 24 hours, reset your password. Click on Forgot Password? A new password will be sent to your email.

2) Copy and paste the new password into the password access box. If this does not work, type it in. Be very careful you make no error. It is case-sensitive.

3) If this does not work, use another browser.

4) If this does not work, try another computer.