Ball Run to Army Navy Game / Part 2  
About 150 company members participate of the 13th company participate in the run.
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The run begins about 0715 HRS. There are about 13 “legs” spanning about 128 miles to Philadelphia. The legs are continuous. No break between them. Each runner runs for about two hours, according to Midshipman second class Peter Lindsey who ran from 0100 to 0300 HRS on December 8, 2017.  Usually the superintendent and other USNA leaders join the first leg, or at least part of it.  The run  leaves Tecumseh Court after a ceremonial send off. first run. They jog day and night, including through winter weather of snow etc.

221210 0700HRS BallRun_47221210 0700HRS BallRun_47
221210 0700HRS BallRun_44221210 0700HRS BallRun_44


NOTE: Army also runs a game ball to the venue. Both teams jog onto the field before the contest to present their game balls.

Next Year the game is in Boston. The intent is to run the game ball all the way to Boston.